The Features of Vodnext

Encoding and transcoding

AWS Elastic transcoder is a tool that converts video source into formats that are playable on mobile devices and PC’s.

Cloud infrastructure

AWS serves as the all-in-one technical solution for VODnext service. It has 100% secured closed infrastructure and data transfer between server and client encrypted via SSL.

Easy to use dynamic search

Dynamic search that works without a page refresh and sends instant results. Users can search by title, genre, year and tags.

Picture in Picture

Users don’t need to stop watching a movie while continuing browsing the website.

Social sharing

Users are able to share pages with movies they like with their friends in popular social networks to attract new people into your platform.

Video Analytics

The administrator can access statistics: the number of visitors that view a particular movie page, the number of users who bought a movie and total revenue per movie, and in total for the particular period.

Responsive design

The Web version of our VODnext supports all modern browsers as well as different popular smartphones and tablets screen resolutions.

Stripe payments integration

Stripe is the best choice for running an internet business. It supports 135+ currencies and is available in more than 25 countries.

Reviews & Ratings

Users are able to share their opinion and rate a movie after watching.

YouTube Generation Credo: “Don't Save the Drowning Man - Better Take it on Video!”
Serj Smirnov

How it Works

How it Works

All-in-one AWS cloud hosting that has an infrastructure for your video platform in one place. No need to pay for additional 3rd party services, licencing, or other API’s related to VOD.

AWS Elastic transcoder will convert your video sources into proper sizes and formats for the best streaming experience. Your video streaming app users will get the highest video quality regardless of the device they’re using.

Content Delivery Network (CloudFront CDN) will deliver your video content all over the world at the speed of light without actual server load. You’ll pay only for the traffic delivered , not for server resources.

Video.js is the most popular and highly customizable HTML5 open-source video player. It supports SD, HD, UHD, and even 360 degrees video playback in all modern web and mobile browsers.

YouTube Generation Credo: “Don't Save the Drowning Man - Better Take it on Video!”
Serj Smirnov

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